Is there such a thing as too much Colour??

Recently I’ve been wanting to experiment with more colour in my make up looks/creations. However was never fully confident with which colours worked best together.

…..Can I put blue with green?
……… Is red on the eyes a good idea?

So after some considerable thought and many hours searching online I came across Illamasqua’s make up school. This school which is held in their stunning Beak street store offers classes in all aspects of makeup for both consumers as well as practicing and established professional artists.

I opted for the professional makeup artistry course and was thrilled to know that one day during the week long course will be spent totally focusing on colour.

Throughout the course I learnt so much and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of practical time I had to experiment and create. The teachers were great and had a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them lending to great advice and guidance. I chose a professional course; however they have plenty of courses for those who may want to learn how to correctly put make up on themselves, oppose to clients.

In all honesty this course definitely increased my confidence in colour selection and application and I even enjoyed it so much I am even considering more classes……However in the meantime guess I just need to get practicing.

Below is some of my work produced on the day ….. & I guess to answer my own questions.

YES, you can put blue and green together and YES red can be worn on the eyes.

All products used were Illamasqua.
x x x





For more information on their courses visit

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