‘Best 9’ of 2015

You may have seen the numerous #2015bestnine posts floating around Instagram within the last couple of days. These posts depict the top 9 photos of the year receiving the highest number of likes for individuals, companies and celebrities alike.

I saw these and too wanted to join in on the craze however, quickly realised the images of mine which may have received the most likes weren’t actually my best memories – but simply a few selfies, shoes and life quotes!

So instead I have created my own best 9, highlighting my favourite moments of 2015.


Left to right/ Top to bottom

  1. Creating this blog. Sounds cliché but I have been wanting to start blogging for so long and I have finally begun… Woo!
  2. My favourite place to visit in Crete, Chrissi Island.
  3. Hi-fiving a Lemur….just because I hi-fived a lemur!
  4. Writing my post on my hometown. London rules!!
  5. Spending Christmas with the family in Kent
  6. Finally doing a Make up course….another one of those things I’ve always wanted to but just put off.
  7. Getting my first tattoo. Then subsequently getting 3 within 4 months.
  8. Going to the beautiful island of Santorini.
  9. My mother and I vacationing in Sharm el sheikh, Egypt


I have had such a great year and am really looking forward to 2016. What were your best 9?


Instagram: lipsticks_and _landscapes
x x x

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