Perfect Guacamole

Ok so I’m obsessed with Avocados anyway. If left to my own devices I will eat at least a whole Avocado to myself a day! But after my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta  I have an even greater respect for the stuff. Freshly made Guacamole became a daily essential, that additional unnecessary snack at the bar, side dish or obligatory starter everywhere I went.

You may be thinking ….. yes but you can get Guacamole anywhere! This is true. However store bought, non authentic Guacamole in my opinion is simply disgusting slop. Its over processed, over blended and is just nothing compared to many I tried in Mexico.

The best that I tried was in Miguels restaurant in Bucerias. Here the waiter came over and made the Guacamole to your liking at your table. Meaning you could have the perfect Guacamole as spicy or as mild as you wish.

Avocados, pico de gallo, limes, salt, cheese, tortilla chips …. et voila!! …..Tasty Guacamole!!

Take a look at a few other tasty treats I experienced in Mexico here.


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  1. It’s avocado season here in New Zealand so if you shop at the right place, you can get them 5 for $5. Which means we’ve been eating avocado most days. I love guacamole and you’re right about the store bought stuff. I once bought supermarket guacamole when avocados were $5 each. I was concerned when I read on the label that it contained 2% avocado. Just what is the other 98%? I hate to think…


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