Caribbean vibes

Barbados 2017


With a few days left before I travel back to the birthplace of my father, Barbados for a short break, I have put together my wardrobe inspo for this vacation. This will be the second time that I have travelled to Barbados, and excited is not the word!! ……. Bring on the rum punch and palm trees!!


x x x

ASOS wrap skirt
£29 –

Navy blue dress
£37 –

Push up bikini
£9.85 –

Adidas black sandals
£29 –

Rembrandt Charms charm jewelry
£33 –

Betsey Johnson straw hat
£23 –

Sisley lip gloss
£47 –

Nars cosmetic
£16 –

Curly hair care

Chanel beach towel
£1,475 –

Beach home decor
£110 –

Personalized sign
£41 –


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