Landscape: Es vedra, Ibiza

BCB500CE-D2AB-4B4D-8C32-6D2C289D61AEEs Vedra, Ibiza

Taken July 2017

There is one place on earth that I know for sure I will be returning to; and that is the wonderful island of Ibiza!

To many Ibiza is known simply for music, partying and boozing, but in fact there is so much more to this place. I have been to the island countless times now and every time I stubble across something new. This time my newest find was the beautiful rock known as Es vedra. This stunning little island is located just off the south west coast of Ibiza near the town of Cala d’hort, and is known for its magnetic properties and uplifting vibe. Head there during the day or even better for sunset…..but just make sure you have a pre-arranged mode of transport due to the extremely remote location. Definitely worth a visit though!!

Alicia x x x

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